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Updated: 24th September 2020
2020 Winter Pairs

The Winter Pairs is a pairs match play competition played off the yellow tees in a four ball better ball format. It is played during the period October to March and will be restricted to the first 32 pairs to enter. Players arrange their own pairings and matches. It is open to all HWM with a CONGU handicap, at any level, who have played in at least six HWM competitions or matches in the preceding twelve months. Playing handicaps will be restricted to a maximum of 28. The entry fee is £5 per team member payable by deduction from loyalty cards. Prizes will be paid to loyalty cards also.

The only way to enter this competition is by email to billmcintosh47@icloud.com by 30th September


Staunton Pairs Start Sheet - Oct 1st

The Staunton Memorial Shield, one of our main Trophy events has been re-scheduled for October 1st.

The start sheet and competition rules can be found here


Costello Bowl 2020

The 1st round was completed on June 9th !
2nd round matches  completed July 16th !
3rd matches  completed August 26th!

Quarter Final matches to be played by Sept 18th
Full draw & updated results as at Sept 20th are here

Full competition details (revised 1-6-20) are here

HWM Ladder 2020

The HWM Ladder 2020. Full details can be found here

Latest ladder positions as at September 16th are here

Please notify Keith Doran of any results - doran.k@mac.com

What are HWM Handicaps & when do you use them?

Click here to find out more

Senior Open Events

The process for entering senior open golf events has now been streamlined and most clubs are using a central online location for entry forms. You can find them at this Internet address:

Special Notice

Notice of AGM

The Highwaymen AGM will be held on
Thursday 19th November 2020 at 4:00 pm

Due to the current pandemic, the AGM will be conducted online only, using Webex, and registration will be via HandicapMaster.

Registration on HandicapMaster will be open from 17th September and will close on 12th November, one week before the AGM. 

Further information and Webex joining instructions will be sent out after registration has closed.

Captain's Newsletter

20th August 2020

Dear Highwaymen   ****  The Captain's Corner ****

Most of you already know, but some of our newer members may not, we collect from your W.G.C Member’s Loyalty Card a small fee every time you enter one of our Thursday competitions. Half, or nearly half, of this is paid out in prize money. The remainder is typically donated to the club’s Captain’s Charity and the Green-Keepers’ Christmas Box.

When the Highwaymen’s funds need a top up to cover such item as trophy engraving, these proportions may be slightly changed or the weekly competition fee may be increased to cover such expenses. Fortunately we have built up a modest surplus in recent years, so this is current not required.

At present when £2 is collected for one of our regular Thursday competitions, or £5 for one of our major trophy events, the way we are currently allocating these fees is as follows:-

From a £2 competition fee, £1 is allocated to the cash prize fund of the day, 82p to the Captain’s Charity and 18p to the Green-Keepers Christmas box

From a £5 trophy competition fee, such as this year’s Costello Bowl, £2.16 was allocated to the prize fund, £2.33 to the Captain’s Charity and 51p to the Green-Keepers Christmas Box.

Last year, we donated £1200 to the Captain’s Charity and £300 to the Green-Keepers’ Christmas Box.

This tradition of helping others whilst we are enjoying ourselves is just one aspect of our section which collectively we should be very proud of and I thank you for your continuing support. 

Graham Woodfine
Highwaymen's Captain
November 2019 - October 2020


Diary Dates for September 2020
03/09 Elliott Cup 3rd Round (Q)
10/09 Baxter Trophy with the Ladies
17/09 Thomas Trophy W (Q)
24/09 Elliott Cup 4th Round (Q)
Thursday Rollup Results

03/09/2020 - 4 Ball - 75 Players

1st Robin Elliott 43 pts
2nd David Head 39 pts
3rd Kevin McGann 38 pts
4th Andrew Harvey 37 pts cb

27/08/2020 - 3 Ball - 50 Players

1st Peter Gray 37 pts
2nd Gary Egleton 36 pts
3rd Phillip Harrison 35 pts cb
4th Laurie Morse 35 pts

20/08/2020 - 4 Ball - 64 Players

1st Norlan McIntyre 79 pts
  Peter Holliday  
2nd Roger Medler 75 pts
  Gary Egleton  

13/08/2020 - 4 Ball - 63 Players

1st Andrew Harvey 46 pts
2nd Michael Holland 39 pts cb
3rd Martin Ruggles 39 pts
4th Laurie Morse 38 pts cb

06/08/2020 - 4 Ball - 78 Players

1st Martin Ruggles 40 pts
2nd Herb Jacklin 39 pts
3rd Malcolm Lucas 38 pts cb
4th Ross Ford 38 pts cb

23/07/2020 - 4 Ball - 73 Players

1st Terence Reeves 41 pts cb
2nd Phillip Harrison 41 pts
3rd John Peasgood 40 pts cb
4th Alan Meyer 40 pts cb

09/07/2020 - 4 Ball - 72 Players

1st Ross Ford 62.8
  Herb Jacklin  
  Graham Robertson  
  Alan McDonald  
2nd Peter Gray 63.2
  John Peasgood  
  Andy Glass  
  Phillip Harrison  

12/03/2020 - 3 Ball - 42 Players

1st Phillip Harrison 20
2nd Laurie Morse 18
3rd Keith Doran 17
4th Roger Smith 17

KIM SHORT TROPHY (Restricted Club 4 + Putter)
05/03/2020 - 3 Ball - 15 Players

1st John Peasgood 34
2nd Alan Meyer 30
3rd Keith Doran 25
4th Andy Glass 25

20/02/2020 - 3 Ball - 31 Players

1st Terence Reeves 23
2nd Phillip Harrison 18
3rd John Peasgood 18
4th Tony Tilly 17

13/02/2020 - 3 Ball - 24 Players

1st David Preece 38
  Howard Somerville  
  Peter Gray  
2nd Roger Smith 32
  Richard Snook  
  Gerald Bullock  

06/02/2020 - 3 Ball - 21 Players

1st Terence Reeves 106 Pts cb
  Gary Egleton  
  Ian Greaves  
2nd Vernon DeCruz 106 Pts
  Peter Gray  
  Keith Doran  

30/01/2020 - 3 Ball - 36 Players

1st Martin Ruggles 44 pts
  Tony Pullen  
  David Lewendon  
2nd David Head 40 pts cb
  David Morris  
  Terence Reeves  

23/01/2020 - 4 Ball - 28 Players

1st Ian Greaves 64.5 pts
  Laurie Morse  
  Gary Egleton  
  Alan Meyer  
2nd David Giles 65.5 pts
  Malcolm Lucas  
  Alan Ford  
  Terence Reeves  

16/01/2020 - 4 Ball - 20 Players

1st Peter Gray
  Richard Battle  
  Mark Butler  
  David Giles  
2nd Howard Somerville
  Terence Reeves  
  Malcolm Lucas  
  Andrew Griffiths  

09/01/2020 - 3 Ball - 40 Players

1st David Whale 38 pts
2nd Tony Pullen 34 pts
3rd Malcolm Lucas 33 pts cb
4th Phillip Harrison 33 pts

02/01/2020 - 4 Ball - 23 Players

1st Paul Buchanan 61.75
  David Head  
  Howard Somerville  
  John Burton  
2nd Malcolm Lucas 64.25
  John Peasgood  
  Paul Rozier  
  Phillip Harrison  

12/12/2019 - 4 Ball - 31 Players

1st Roger Smith 31.5
  Terry Kilbane  
  Keith Doran  
  Kevin McGann  
2nd Stuart Armstrong 32.75
  John Moynihan  
  John Chapman  
  Dugald Macpherson  

05/12/2019 - 4 Ball - 36 Players

1st Stuart Armstrong 34 pts
  Malcolm Lucas  
2nd Alan Meyer 31 pts cb
  Bill McIntosh  

28/11/2019 - 4 Ball - 43 Players

1st Malcolm Lucas Net 64.9
  Rodney Rigby  
  Antonio Castelo  
  Keith Doran  
2nd John Chapman Net 66.7
  Jeff Rankin  
  Kevin McGann  
  John Burton  

21/11/2019 - 3 Ball - 42 Players

1st John Peasgood 35
2nd Tim Ockenden 34
3rd Howard Somerville 33
4th Antonio Castelo 33

07/11/2019 - 3 Ball - 43 Players

1st Stuart Armstrong 36
2nd Gary Egleton 35
3rd John Peasgood 34
4th Laurie Morse 34
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