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The History of the Highwaymen

The initial idea and concept for the "Seniors Section" to be formed was driven by an ex Group Captain, John Scambler.
John came to Windlesham from Wentworth with a handicap of 14 and a great ability to organise.

John sent out a letter to all senior members on the 10th October 1994 explaining that it would be a nice idea to get senior members of the club playing mid week competitions on a regular basis and to also have friendly matches against other clubs. A month later on the 19th November, having analysed the response from the membership, a second letter was sent out confirming that the majority were in favour of the idea and that a "Seniors Section" would be formed.

It was decided that a Thursday morning would be the best day to play and a block tee time was reserved between 8:30am and 9:30am and the first 4 ball stableford competition was held on Thursday 12th January 1995.

John set out the initial rules and ran the meetings with the help of a number of volunteers until the first annual general meeting was held.
At that meeting we voted for and appointed out first Captain Brian Thomas with Bob Baxter voted in as the match organiser against other clubs.

Initially 20 - 30 attended each game during the week steadily growing week on week and year on year until currently as of March 2020 we now have a thriving membership of 247!

The first constitution was produced by Peter Thew when he was captain back in 1998.
Robin Tyler expanded it while he was secretary and during his year as captain and has been instrumental in maintaining it ever since.

Initially matches were held against 12 other clubs, each way, making a total of 24 matches per year. Bob Baxter ran these matches for 2 years followed by Peter Thew for the following 2 years and we continue to do this to the current day.

After about 4 years, once we were fully established the Highwaymen proposed, arranged and paid for the starters hut that still stands by the first tee, Bob Baxter was primarily responsible for getting that organised and as of November 2014 it is still in use. The initial starters hut had a weather vane in the shape of a witch on broomstick. Peter Thew thought that something more appropriate was called for. He designed the present weather vain having cajoled Katie Macdowel who is an accomplished local artist and widow of former Highwayman Barney Macdowel and also a member of the Ladies Section, to draw up the design. Peter then made a plywood template and Tony Heather got one of his friends to flame cut the present weather vane from sheet steel. This is a good example of cooperation between friends which describes the friendly atmosphere and social uniqueness of the Windlesham Golf Club Senior Section.

Highwaymen Captains

  • Nov 1995 - Oct 1996 Brian Thomas
  • Nov 1996 - Oct 1997 John Staunton
  • Nov 1997 - Oct 1998 Leslie Cole
  • Nov 1998 - Oct 1999 Peter Thew
  • Nov 1999 - Oct 2000 Bill Innes
  • Nov 2000 - Oct 2001 Robin Elliott
  • Nov 2001 - Oct 2002 Alan Jones
  • Nov 2002 - Oct 2003 Rod Rigby
  • Nov 2003 - Oct 2004 Sydney Balgarnie
  • Nov 2004 - Oct 2005 Robin Tyler
  • Nov 2005 - Oct 2006 Norlan McIntyre


  • Nov 2006 - Oct 2007 Derek Thomas
  • Nov 2007 - Oct 2008 Gordon Ebbon
  • Nov 2008 - Oct 2009 Mike Tyers
  • Nov 2009 - Oct 2010 Rod Parsons
  • Nov 2010 - May 2011 Norman Ashby
  • Jun 2011 - Oct 2011 Bob Wilkie
  • Nov 2011 - May 2012 Bob Wilkie
  • May 2012 - Oct 2012 Paul Rozier
  • Nov 2012 - Oct 2013 Paul Rozier
  • Nov 2013 - Nov 2014 Tony Green
  • Nov 2014 - Nov 2015 Maurice Manning


  • Nov 2015 - Oct 2016 Gerald Bullock
  • Nov 2016 - Oct 2017 Ian Greenaway
  • Nov 2017 - Oct 2018 Chris Dalton
  • Nov 2018 - Oct 2019 Roger Smith
  • Nov 2019 - Oct 2020 Graham Woodfine
  • Nov 2020 - Oct 2021 Phillip Harrison
  • Nov 2021 - Oct 2022 David Lewendon
Claret Jug

Highwaymen's Scratch Cup - Claret Jug (Open Replica)

This Claret Jug is awarded to the player with the lowest gross score on the Highwaymen Champions Day and crowned our Champion Golfer of the year.
Rod Rigby donated the Claret Jug at the end of his year of captaincy.

Past and current winners of this trophy are:

2003  Bob Turpie 2013  Jeff Williams  
2004  Alan Millican 2014  Rod Parsons  
2005  Bob Jarvis 2015  Peter Kennell  
2006  Tony Heather 2016  Jeff Rankin  
2007  Norlan McIntyre 2017  Howard Somerville  
2008  Rod Parsons 2018  Howard Somerville  
2009  Peter Gray 2019  Graham Woodfine  
2010  Peter Gray 2020  Ross Ford  
2011  Andrew Fogg 2021  Ross Ford  
2012  Danny McNulty    


Thomas Trophy

Thomas Trophy

This Thomas Trophy is awarded to the player with the lowest net score on the Highwaymens Championship Day.
Our first HWM captain Brian Thomas donated the Trophy.

Past and current winners of this trophy are:

1995  Alan Bean 2005  Brian Adams 2015  Gerald Bullock
1996  John Staunton 2006  Tony Heather 2016  Malcolm Lucas
1997  Terry Watts 2007  Norlan McIntyre 2017  Tim Ockenden
1998  Joe Rackliff 2008  Alf Scott 2018   Malcolm Lucas
1999  Terry Russel 2009  Laurie Morse 2019  Graham Woodfine
2000  Alan Dent 2010  Peter Gray 2020  Stuart Armstrong
2001  Dave Barnett 2011  David Preece 2021  Ross Ford
2002  Alan Dent 2012  Graham Woods  
2003  Brandy Gill 2013  Tony Green  
2004  Alf Scott 2014  Nigel Deacon  


Balgarnie Cup

Balgarnie Cup

This was presented by Sydney Balgarnie at the end of his year as Highwaymen's Captain as an award for a player over 70. In the first year it was awarded to the lowest gross score in the Summer Eclectic.  It was changed and present for the best net score by an over 70 year old in the Seniors (Highwaymen's) Championship.  However the Championship is played off the white tees and it was felt that an over 70's trophy should be off the yellow tees.  So from 2015 it was made a separate competition.

Past and current winners of this trophy are:

2004  Tony Nash 2014  Robin Elliott  
2005  James Appelbe 2015  Roger Medler  
2006  Geoff Harrison 2016  Paul Rozier  
2007  Geoff Lloyd 2017  Robin Tyler  
2008  Gerry Knowles 2018  Howard Somerville  
2009  Ken Hughes 2019  David Barnett  
2010  Tony Heather 2020  not played pandemic  
2011  Cyril O'Dell 2021  Stewart McDougall  
2012  Rod Parsons    
2013  Alan Jones    


Elliott Cup

This was donated by Robin Elliott during his spell as Highwayman Captain (2000 - 2001) to provide something to play for during the winter. Rod Rigby was secretary at the time and he was asked to come up with ideas. He thought up the competition and wrote the original rules. These have been altered slightly since that time and it is now a Stableford competition consisting of the best 3 scores from 7 rounds.

Due to a theft of the original trophy during a break in at the club house Robin Elliott purchased the new replacement trophy you can see displayed here. Peter Christmas turned the wooden base to support the trophy and has added to the beauty of it in the process, as I am sure you will agree. So this is now officially the replacement trophy in all it's glory first presented in 2014.

The winners of the original cup are engraved on the back of the new cup and are :

2001  Alan Dent 2006  Ken Hughes 2011  Laurie Morse
2002  Robin Tyler 2007  Peter Gray 2012  Bob Wetherill
2003  Robin Tyler 2008  Paul Buchanan 2013  Jeff Rankin
2004  Robin Tyler 2009  Peter Gray  
2005  Bob Jarvis 2010  Rod Parsons  

Unfortunatley, there was a robbery at Windlesham GC in February 2020 and the 2nd Elliott Cup was one of the items stolen. Following an insurance claim a replacement Trophy was pucrhased. Peter Christmas utilised his skills and adapted the wooden base to support the new trophy and has added to the beauty of it in the process.
So this is now officially the replacement trophy in all it's glory first presented in 2020.

The winners of the new cups are engraved on the base and are:

2014  Bill McIntosh 2020  John Peasgood  
2015  Paul Buchanan 2021  Andrew Harvey  
2016  Malcolm Lucas    
2017  Laurie Morse    
2018  Laurie Morse    
2019  Laurie Morse    
Costello Bowl

Costello Bowl

Donated by Mr. Geoff Costello, a very nice man who helped to run matches in the early years. Unfortunately he died early from a brain tumour.

The Costello Bowl was donated for the Summer Senior's Knockout Competition for individuals.

Past and current winners of this trophy are:

1996  John Howells 2006  Robin Elliott 2016  Peter Gray
1997  Alan Dent 2007  Rod Parsons 2017  Malcolm Lucas
1998  Mike Corfield 2008  Mukesk Phakey 2018  Chris Dalton
1999  Brian Thomas 2009  Keith Cundell 2019  Mike Holland
2000  Mike Thompson 2010  Bob Roope 2020  Keith Doran
2001  Alan Barradale 2011  Terry Partridge 2021  Keith Doran
2002  Alan Dent 2012  John Moynihan  
2003  Andy Taylor 2013  Martyn Thomas  
2004  Tony Nash 2014  Graham Woods  
2005  Alan Jones 2015  John Moynihan  


Committee Cup

Committee Cup

This was made and presented by John Marns, mostly, if not entirely, made from wood taken from the Windlesham Golf course. John had made it for a Church based Charity golf Day which had to be cancelled through lack of support so he had a redundant trophy on his hands and decided to donate it to our section and it has since been used exclusively for this competition, before that we played for prizes and a one off trophy each year.

Derek Thomas - "The Committee Cup is a recent trophy. I believe that I or Norlan may have organised the first occasion. The intention was that it was open to the present Highwaymen's Committee together with all former Captains. The original idea was that it should be an "AWAY DAY" . When I organised it we played at South Winchester. When Gordon Ebbon organised it we played at Woodlands Manor in Kent. We needed two attempts because of Snow. I think Mike Tyers took us to Test Valley but Rod Parsons broke with this approach and something was organised with Test Valley at Windlesham. Last year we reverted to the previous policy and visited Sandford Springs."

The venues and winners are:

2006  Wildwood Mike Tyers 2016  Oak Park              Maurice Manning          
2007  South Winchester Alan Jones 2017  West Surrey Gerald Bullock
2008  Woodlands Manor (Kent) Peter Gray 2018  Blackmoor Roger Smith
2009  Test Valley Rod Parsons 2019  Sonning Graham Woodfine
2010  Windlesham (+Test Valley) Rod Parsons 2020  West Surrey Christopher Dalton
2011  Sandford Springs Bob Wilkie 2021  Reigate Hill Phillip Harrison
2012  The Drift Norlan McIntyre           
2013  Badgemore Park Bill McIntosh    
2014  Tylney Park Rod Parsons    
2015  Weybrook Park Derek Thomas    


Kim Short Trophy

Kim Short Trophy

Donated by Kim Short who was one of the original Directors of the Windlesham Golf Club, he also managed the Pro Shop from when the club first opened. The trophy competition is unusual in that it is a restricted club competition comprising 3 clubs plus a putter.  From 2015 an extra club was added to make it 4 clubs plus a putter.

Over the years there have been some remarkable scores returned by members competing with only this many clubs begging the question do we actually need to carry 14 clubs in the first place?

Past and current winners of this trophy are:

1996  Mike Bushell 2006  Laurie Morse 2016  Bill McIntosh
1997  Laurie Buist 2007  George Baker 2017  Howard Somerville
1998  Alan Barradale 2008  Tony Nash 2018  Laurie Morse
1999  Terry Edmonds 2009  Roger Brighten 2019  Roger Smith
2000  Alan Millican 2010  Alan Millican 2020  John Peasgood
2001  Bob Wraight 2011  Roy Benfield 2021  Howard Somerville
2002  David Porteous 2012  Alan Meyer 2022  Malcolm Lucas
2003  Tony Heather 2013  John Peasgood  
2004  Peter Walton 2014  Dave Barnett  
2005  Peter Kirtley 2015  Peter Kennell  


Most Improved Player

Most Improved Player - The Highwayman Trophy, presented by Bob Baxter.

Bob bought this set of cigarette cards, depicting Highwaymen, from an auction in Suffolk.  He then framed and glazed the set and presented them to the Highwaymen for the most improved player during the year.  This is based on the largest reduction in handicap during the Highwaymen's year.  In the event of a tie for first place, the winner is the one with the lowest handicap.

Originally, this improvement was based on their Highwaymen's handicap.  This was changed to their Club handicap after the rules on Highwaymen's handicap were changed to reset them twice a year.

The past and current winners of this trophy are:

2000  Tony Nash         2010  Paul Carter 2020 Andrew Harvey
2001  Sydney Balgarnie  2011  Kamal Patel 2021 Ian Robinson
2002  Terry Kendall 2012  Ian Greenaway  
2003  Alan Bean 2013  Jeff Rankin  
2004  Dave Barnett 2014  Malcolm Lucas  
2005  Bob Jarvis 2015  Dan Deery  
2006  Robin Tyler 2016  Graham Woodfine  
2007  Alan Meyer 2017  Laurie Morse  
2008  Paul Buchanan 2018  Alan Ford  
2009  Tim Ockenden 2019 Terence Reeves  
Serenyi Salver

Serenyi Salver

The Serenyi Salver trophy was presented by Andrew Serenyi and is intended to give our more Senior members a competition that they feel able to compete in. The handicap for the day is AGE PLUS CLUB HANDICAP ie. Anyone over the age of 72 is better off!

A new Salver was purchased in 2021 after the 2nd Salver was stolen in 2020 from the clubhouse.

Past and current winners of the trophy are:

1998  Peter Spooner 2008  Tony Nash 2018  Geoff Harrison
1999  Don Johnson 2009  Paddy Holloway 2019  Laurie Morse
2000  John Staunton 2010  Tony Ashby 2020  not played pandemic
2001  John Staunton 2011  Tony Ashby 2021  John Morgan
2002  Don Fewings 2012  Dick Ewington  
2003  J Riley 2013  Tony Nash  
2004  Peter Day 2014  Mike Tyers  
2005  Tony Nash 2015  Colin Leeder  
2006  Paddy Holloway 2016  Geoff Harrison  
2007  Geoff Harrison 2017  Geoff Harrison  


Staunton Memorial Shield

Staunton Memorial Shield (The Highwaymen's Shield)

Staunton Shield Presentation As you can see in the photo on the right this trophy was originally purchased by the Highwaymen to be presented to the winning club in our Inter Club Invitation Day. You can see the early winners on the shield, Oak Park was amongst them.

The Invitation Day was always organised by Mike Thompson and ran for a few years, he is shown on the left in the picture.

The picture shows the original winners, Bearwood Lakes, receiving the trophy back in 1997 from Bob Baxter who was club captain at the time.

The Club winners were:
1997  Bearwood Lakes
1998  Coombe Hill    
1999  Merrist Wood
2001  Richmond  
2002  Oak Park                                                                      Picture kindly provided by Mike Thompson

After 2002, we couldn't coax enough teams to play and so it was cancelled from that point. That was when we decided to honour John Staunton, shown second from the left in the picture, by renaming the shield after him and creating the Staunton Pairs Competition.

Past and current winners of the trophy are:

2003  Alan Meyer & Doug MacPherson 2013  Bill McIntosh & David Preece   
2004  Dick Ewington & Laurie Morse 2014  Robin Elliott & Tony Heather  
2005  John Higgins & Tony Nash 2015  Peter Hill & Cyril O'Dell  
2006  Robin Elliott & Alan Dowsett 2016  Doug MacPherson & Paul Rozier  
2007  Alan Jones & Alan Meyer 2017  Richard Carlson & Alan Dowsett  
2008  Bill Innes & Mike Wicks 2018  Nigel Deacon & David Eyre  
2009  Gordon Ebbon & Gerry Knowles 2019  Malcolm Lucas & Terry Reeves  
2010  Andy Taylor & Bob Wilkie 2020  Nigel Deacon & Stuart Armstrong  
2011  David Preece & Derek Thomas 2021  Antonio Castello & Chris Nikolaou  
2012  John Massey & Andy Taylor    


Summer Eclectic

Winter Eclectic (Thomson Cup)

This is our major winter competition, is multi-round and based upon each players best score per hole over the first 5 rounds completed, however many round are played, typically 6.
The cup was presented to the Highwaymen by Graham Thomson, initally a summer event but was switched to winter in 2016.

Past and current winners of the trophy are:

1995  Bob Baxter 2005  Alan Millican 2015  Malcolm Lucas
1996  James Appelbe 2006  Peter Gray 2016  Bob Jarvis
1997  Tony Heather 2007  Dave Barnett 2017  Bob Jarvis
1998  Alan Barradale 2008  Ian Ladd 2018  Malcolm Lucas
1999  Brian Churcher 2009  Peter Gray 2019 Terence Reeves
2000  Bob Turpie 2010  Bob Jarvis 2020 Stuart Armstrong
2001  Rod Rigby 2011  Peter Gray 2021 not completed - Pandemic
2002  Alan Botley 2012  Graham Woods 2022 Robert Oxley
2003  Tony Heather 2013  Alan Meyer  
2004  Norlan McIntyre 2014  Roger Smith  


Bob Wilkie Shield - Winter Pairs

The Winter Pairs competition was first played as a trial event in the winter of 2013/14.  The competition is limited to 16 pairs, on a first come basis, because of the limited tee times during the winter.  Following the success of the trial, the Committee then decided to obtain a prize for the winners and named it in memory of Bob Wilkie, who was Highwaymen Captain in 2011 but who sadly died in July 2013.

Past and current winners of this trophy are:

2013/14  Peter Ashworth & Jeff Rankin    
2014/15  Gerald Bullock & Richard Snook    
2015/16  Bill McIntosh & Martyn Thomas    
2016/17  Paul Rozier & Ian Shilling    
2017/18  Terry Kilbane & Tony Tilly    
2018/19  Alan Ford & Malcolm Lucas    
2019/20  Keith Doran & Martin Ruggles    
2020/21  not palyed - pandemic    
2021/22  Keith Doran & Martin Ruggles    


Thew Bowl V3

The Thew Bowl

This trophy was made and presented by Peter Thew for matches with the Juniors. After the Juniors won 9 of the first 10 matches we switched the format to a combined Texas Scramble!

The winners of the matches against the Juniors were:

1998  Juniors 2001  Juniors 2004  Halved
1999  Highwaymen 2002  Juniors 2005  Juniors
2000  Juniors 2003  Halved 2006  Juniors

The winning Texas Scramble Teams were:

2007  Matt Crew, Steve Hawen, Warren Clarke, John Higgins
2008  Ryan Harpur, Scott McLaren, Clive Hemmings, Doug Macpherson
2009  Charlie Peffer, /Ben Slater, Alan McDonald, Mike Thompson
2010  Josh Roach, Paul Carter, Peter Thew, Jeff Williams
2011  Paul Keenan, Sam Storey, Jeff Williams, Maurice Manning
2012  Ryan Morrison, Christian Mucklow, John Marns, Terry Kilbane
2013  Alex Good, Nathan Millham, Tony Green, David Preece
2014  Adam Cowley, Josh Coombs, Ian Greenaway, Bill McIntosh
2015  Luc Genetay, Joe Silcock, Tony Castelo, Maurice Manning
2016  Fixture cancelled
2017  This year a pairs match won by Daniel Berriman & Bill McIntosh
2018  Fixture cancelled

The format was changed for 2019 to include 1 Junior, 1 Lady & 1 Highwaymen

2019  Matthew Dargue, Jo Woodham, Graham Woodfine
2020  not played pandemic
2021  Fixture cancelled



The Baxter Trophy

Rod Rigby, It was the trophy originally presented by Bob and Pat Baxter for the match against the Ladies section in the autumn. When Pat died Bob decided he wanted a new trophy in Pat's memory and this is the one we now play for in a match. During my time as Secretary I started the Texas scramble as a way of having a fun match against the ladies during the winter season. We started off playing it in late February or early March, but it hs now been moved later to get better weather. As we had the old/spare Baxter Trophy I used this for the Texas Scramble.

The Winners of the Ladies vs Highwaymen 4BBB Matchplay Competition were:

1995  Highwaymen 1998  Highwaymen 2001  Highwaymen
1996  Halved 1999  Highwaymen 2002  Ladies
1997  Highwaymen 2000  Halved  

The past and current winning Mixed Texas Scramble Teams are:

2003  Sue Mitchell, Florence Carlson, John Howells, Alan Jones
2004  Janet Akhurst, Rita Cooper, Dave Barnett, Norman Ashby
2005  Sheila Fettes, Sue McGowan, Rod Parsons, Denis Dale-Green
2006  Match abandoned
2007  Chris Thomas, Sue McGowan, Norman Ashby, Paul Buchanan
2008  Jacqui Cundell, Maureen Patterson, Bob Jarvis, Roy Benfield
2009  Fiona Horrocks, Tana Emeny, Terry Kendell. James Appelbe
2010  Sue Moynihan, Pat Dowsett, Bob Jarvis, John Marns
2011  Tessa Appelbe, Maureen Patterson, Brian Burgess, Jeff Williams
2012  Evelyn Somerville, Sharon Ee, Alan Millican, Peter Liechti
2013  Joan Bird, Angela Couzens, Martyn Thomas, Terry Kilbane
2014  Irene Mullan, Bronwen Taylor, Dave Barnett, Robin Tyler
2015  Jean Ebbon, Janet Scott, Paul Buchanan, Robin Hampton
2016  Margaret Deery, Jean Ebbon, Paul Rozier, Ian Shilling
2017  Margaret Lawson, Evelyn Somerville, Paul Buchanan, Gerald Bullock
2018  Sue Moynihan, Chris Thomas, Dan Deery, Richard Snook
2019  Gillian Cowell, Jean Ebbon, John Moynihan, Lee Wood
2020  Alice Dryden, Charyl Jarvis, Phillip Harrison, Alan Dowsett
2021  Mary Saunders, Carol Griffiths, Howard Somerville, David Fowler
2022  Alice Dryden, Sue Moynihan, Howard Somerville, David Barnett

Chris and Derek Thomas Bowl

Chris and Derek Thomas donated a bowl for the mixed pairs competition. Derek made the base for this trophy himself. The competition for the trophy comprises a randomly drawn mixed pairs field where competitors cannot play with their partners or spouses. This has become one of the annual competitions that is really enjoyed by all those taking part and looked forward to each year.

Past and current winners of this trophy are:

2000  Mrs D M Watchman & Brain Thomas 2012  Pam Clark & John Moynihan    
2001  Janet Mazurk & Alan Barradale 2013  Irene Mullan & Rod Parsons  
2002  Shirley Couzens & John Marns 2014  Sandra Thomas & Peter Ashworth  
2003  Janet Akhurst & Mike Tyers 2015  Sara Dobson & Norlan McIntyre  
2004  Shirley Couzens & Bill Innes 2016  Gill Tyler & Chris Dalton  
2005  G Rasmussen & Bob Turpie 2017  Joan Bird & Tony Lawson  
2006  Jean Lewis & Peter Kirtley 2018  Jane Carter & Geoff Eldred  
2007  Chris Thomas & Alan McDonald 2019  Anne Sharp & Howard Sommerville  
2008  Hilary Westwood & Alan McDonald 2020  not played pandemic  
2009  Jane Carter & Roger Medler 2021  Gail Trueman & Tim Ockenden  
2010  Katie MacDowel & James Appelbe    
2011  Gill Tyler & Peter Hurwood    


The Patricia Baxter Trophy

This is the current trophy for the Highwaymen vs Ladies, 4 Ball Better Ball match.  Originally we played for the Baxter Trophy which was presented by Bob Baxter.  However, when his wife Patricia died he presented a new trophy dedicated to his wife and called the Patricia Baxter Trophy.  We now use the Baxter Trophy for the Texas Scramble match we play with the Ladies.  Over the years we have varied the rules (white tees, yellow tees, extra shots) in order to make the match more competitive, and we are still trying!

The winners of this trophy are:

2003  Ladies 2011  Highwaymen    
2004  Highwaymen 2012  Highwaymen  
2005  Ladies 2013  Highwaymen  
2006  Ladies 2014  Highwaymen  
2007  Ladies 2015  Highwaymen  
2008  Highwaymen 2016  Ladies  
2009  Ladies 2017  Highwaymen  
2010  Highwaymen    

The format was changed in 2019 to be a four ball stableford competition with the best two scores to count.

2019  Margaret Lawson, Wende Ross, Alan Dowsett, Terrence Reeves
2020  not played pandemic
2021  Phillip Harrison, Robin Saunders, Andrew Harvey, Angela Armstrong


Maurice Manning Highwaymen's Tour Trophy

This trophy is competed for on the annual Highwaymen's tour.  The idea was started by Stan Webb in 1998 who organised the early events. Subsequent organisers were Tony Heather and then Rod Rigby. In 2016 Gerald Bullock, Maurice Manning and Roger Smith took over as the organising team with their first trip tp St. Pierre in Wales. Sadly, Maurice Manning died in 2019 and so Gerald and Roger carried on. The original trophy was full with the winners' shields and a little worse for wear, it was decided to commemorate Maurice's outstanding work for the Highwaymen with a new trophy which was purchased in 2020.

The venues and winners of the tour trophy are:

1998   Herts. Hotel Alan Bean  2008   Oakhampton Tony Heather
1999   St. Pierre Joe Rackliff 2009   Oakhampton Mike Aspin
2000   France Peter Braithwaite    2010   Tewkesbury Tony Heather
2001   France Bob Roope 2011   Tewkesbury Rod Parsons
2002   Meon Valley Robin Elliott 2012   France Gerald Bullock
2003   France Tony Heather 2013   Dorset Roger Smith
2004   Oakhampton Graham Worthy 2014   Dorset Graham Woods
2005   France Brandy Gill 2015   Barnham Broom Graham Woodfine
2006   Oakhampton Tony Heather 2016   Barnham Broom Norlan McIntyre
2007   Bryn Meadows Norlan McIntyre 2017  St. Pierre, Chepstow Rod Rigby
    2018  St. Pierre, Chepstow John Morgan
Maurice Manning Tour Trophy   2019  Dale Hill Peter Gray
2020  East Sussex not played pandemic    
2021  Old Thorns, Liphook Ross Ford    
2022  East Sussex      





Evergreen Salver

The Evergreen Salver was commissioned by the Highwaymen's committee of 2020/21 in recognition of the valuable contribution of the senior Seniors. It was crafted by the woodworking skills of fellow Highwaymen Peter Christamas during the pandemic of  2021. The Salver is awarded to the Highwaymen who is 80 years old or over with the highest Satbleford score of the day.
Past and current winners of this trophy are:

2021  Robin Tyler