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Updated: 14th June 2019
2019 Serenyi Salver

Today was meant to be a qualifying round but the inclement weather resulted in only 14 players competing and 10 completing their round, it was decided to make it non qualifying.

Congratulations to those completing the round:

1st  Laurie Morse      82 - 12  = 70    
       Winner with 6 shots left after 18 Holes
2nd John Peasgood  89 - 16  = 73
3rd  Howard Sommerville 87-11=76

This weeks Parish notices are here
Full results are here

2019 Chris and Derek Thomas Bowl

The 2019 mixed pairs event will take place on Wednesday 3rd July

The sign up sheet is on the HWM noticeboard
do NOT sign-up via Handicap Master

Full details are here and
please take note of the payment details.

Staunton Memorial Shield 2019

The 2019 pairs event will take place on Thursday 18th July.

The sign up sheet is posted on the HWM noticeboard.
Sign up closes at 1pm on Thursday 28th June.

Pairs Stableford competition with both scores to count, open to all players who have played in at least 6 rollups or inter club matches. CONGU competition handicap , with a limitation of 28 on the day.

Pairs and start times selected at Random and played from the Yellow tees.

Entry fee will be £3, to be collected as ususal by card at the rollup.

Full details can be found here

2019 Thomas Trophy
Highwaymens` Championship 25th July

Qualifying Medal competition played off the White Tees.

Sign up sheet has been posted on the HWM noticeboard, closing date 13:00 on 4th July

Open to all players who have played in at least 6 rollups or inter club matches.
CONGU competition handicap  to be used with a limitation of 28 on the day.

Full deatils are here


Draw for Costello Bowl 2019

The draw for the Costello Bowl competition has been made and can be viewed here
Please note the third round matches should be played by June 28th

Inter Club Matches - June 2019

These are the fixtures for June 2019:


  • Monday 3rd     - Chobham (A) Team
  • Thursday 6th   - Test Valley (H) Team
  • Thursday 13th - The Army (H)  Team
  • Thursday 20th - Royal Ascot (H) Team
  • Thursday 27th - Caversham Heam (H) Team
HWM Wednesday Clinics

The schedule for Lee Mucklow's HWM Clinics Wednesday's at 09:00 is:

19/06/2019 Short game
26/06/2019 Long game
03/07/2019 Short game
10/07/2019 Long game
17/07/2019 Short game

Over 70`s Fixtures 2019

The Sign-Up Sheet for the Over 70's Fixtures is now on the notice board - 2019 Fixtures:

         Thursday 20th - Merrist Wood (A)

        Thursday 11th - Test Valley (H)
        Monday 22nd  - Test Valley (A)

What are HWM Handicaps & when do you use them?

Confused as to what HWM handicaps are and when to use them? Click here to find out more.

2019 HWM Inter Club Matches

There will be just two ways of signing up for matches this year.
1. By responding to Graham's call-up e-mails.
2. By signing up via The Club's Handicap Master/Future Competitions.

If you would like to receive Graham's call up emails and be considered for selection for HWM inter club matches please email Graham on graham.woodfine1@gmail.com

The full list of HWM inter club fixtures can be found here.

Senior Open Events

The process for entering senior open golf events has now been streamlined and most clubs are using a central online location for entry forms. You can find them at this Internet address:

Captain's Newsletter

7th June  2019

Dear Highwaymen

Not far short of mid summers day and the weather has taken a backward step, still the ground needs it !.

All competitions are progressing nicely, completion of the 2nd round Costello Bowl is today, with the 3rd round due to complete on the 28th June. Thank you for supporting the HWM matches and assisting Graham by responding to his requests. Nine completed to date, with results on the web site, but many more on the way.

As noted in this weeks Parish Notice, the HWM rollup prize money will change from cash payments to credits on your loyalty card. This will commence on the 20th June. Over the past months very few actual cash prizes are given out on the day, as members do not stay for the final results. Consequently the cash is returned to the cash box and often remains there for many weeks. So time for a change and saving work. Announcements of winners will still be made on the day and results posted on the notice board and web site as normal.

I often feel there must be things that you as members would like to raise or ideas that would help improve the section, please don’t be backward in coming forward. (Positive suggestions only please !)

Happy Golfing

Roger Smith
Highwaymen's Captain
November 2018 - October 2019


Diary Dates for June 2019
03/06 Match vs Chobham (Away)
06/06 Match vs Test Valley (Home)
06/06 Stableford (Q) (W)
12/06 Ladies Invitation Day (Cakes etc.)
13/06 Serenyi Salver (Q)
13/06 Match vs The Army (Home)
20/06 Match vs Royal Ascot (Home)
20/06 Over 70s vs Merrist Wood (Away)
20/06 Stableford Pairs (Best Score)
27/06 Match vs Caversham Heath (Home)
27/06 Elliott Cup 3rd Round (Q)
Thursday Rollup Results

SERENYI SALVER (age + handicap flag comp.)
13/06/2019 - 3 Ball - 14 Players

1st Laurie Morse 70
2nd John Peasgood 73
3rd Howard Somerville 76
4th Norlan McIntyre 77

06/06/2019 - 4 Ball - 29 Players

1st Peter Gray 37 pts
2nd Vinod Kumar 36 pts
3rd Laurie Morse 34 pts
4th Alan Meyer 33 pts cb

30/05/2019 - 4 Ball - 43 Players

1st Graham Corser 114 pts
  Vinod Kumar  
  Keith Doran  
  Roger Smith  
2nd Peter Gray 110 pts
  Timothy Lambert  
  Robin Tyler  
  Alan Culley  

23/05/2019 - 3 Ball - 43 Players

1st David Preece 40 pts
2nd Peter Kennell 38 pts cb
3rd Roger Medler 38 pts
4th Eddie Moir 36 pts cb

16/05/2019 - 4 Ball - 44 Players

1st Michael Aspin 60.625
  Paul Carter  
  Peter Hill  
  Vinod Kumar  
2nd Laurie Morse 65.0
  Alan Meyer  
  Richard Ewington  
  Bill McIntosh  

09/05/2019 - 3 Ball - 50 Players

1st Keith Doran 43 pts
2nd David Barnett 40 pts
3rd Maurice Manning 38 pts
4th Dugald Macpherson 37 pts

TEAM STABLEFORD (Best 2 scores)
02/05/2019 - 4 Ball - 28 Players

1st Bob Jarvis 89
  Paul Rozier  
  David Preece  
  David Barnett  
2nd John Chapman 88
  Terence Reeves  
  Tony Tilly  
  Christopher Dalton  

25/04/2019 - 4 Ball - 28 Players

1st Laurie Morse 113
  Richard Ewington  
  Robin Hampton  
  Colin Leeder  
2nd Alfred Scott 111
  Geoffrey Lloyd  
  Norlan McIntyre  
  John Francis  

18/04/2019 - 3 Ball - 55 Players

1st John Peasgood 46 pts
2nd David Whale 43 pts
3rd David Head 39 pts
4th Keith Doran 38 pts cb

11/04/2019 - 3 Ball - 51 Players

1st Phillip Harrison 37 pts
2nd Tony Tilly 36 pts
3rd Terry Kilbane 35 pts
4th Paul Rozier 34 pts cb

TEAM STABLEFORD (Best 2 scores)
04/04/2019 - 4 Ball - 24 Players

1st Gary Egleton 90
  David Giles  
  David Head  
  Peter Holliday  
2nd Richard Ewington 86
  Colin Leeder  
  Alan Meyer  
  Laurie Morse  

28/03/2019 - 3 Ball - 59 Players

1st Phillip Harrison 41 pts
2nd Gary Egleton 40 pts
3rd Andy Glass 36 pts
4th Peter Christmas 35 pts cb

21/03/2019 - 3 Ball - 39 Players

1st Paul Buchanan 42 c/b
  Phillip Harrison  
  David Head  
2nd Gerald Bullock 42 c/b
  Bob Kealey  
  Vinod Kumar  

14/03/2019 - 3 Ball - 26 Players

1st Malcolm Lucas 32 pts
2nd Howard Somerville 30 pts cb
3rd John Peasgood 30 pts cb
4th Laurie Morse 30 pts cb

KIM SHORT TROPHY (Restricted Club 4 + Putter)
07/03/2019 - 3 Ball - 46 Players

1st Roger Smith 36 pts
2nd Richard Ewington 33 pts
3rd Keith Doran 33 pts
4th Alan Meyer 32 pts

28/02/2019 - 3 Ball - 52 Players

1st Terence Reeves 41 pts cb
2nd Alan McDonald 41 pts cb
3rd John Peasgood 39
4th Keith Doran 37

21/02/2019 - 4 Ball - 52 Players

1st John Collingwood 65.325
  David Morris  
  Terence Reeves  
  Alan Dowsett  
2nd David Eyre 65.5
  David Gray  
  Phillip Harrison  
  John Moynihan  

14/02/2019 - 3 Ball - 42 Players

1st Terence Reeves 40 c/b
2nd Malcolm Lucas 40 c/b
3rd David Head 37
4th Richard Snook 36

07/02/2019 - 3 Ball - 30 Players

1st Gerald Bullock 104
  Bill McIntosh  
  Jeff Rankin  
2nd Peter Holliday 97
  Alan McDonald  
  David Preece  

31/01/2019 - 3 Ball - 20 Players

1st John Peasgood 36 pts
2nd Roger Smith 33 pts cb
3rd Lee Wood 33 pts cb
4th John Moynihan 33 pts cb

24/01/2019 - 4 Ball - 18 Players

1st Robin Hampton 50 pts
  David Whale  
2nd Alan Dowsett 37 pts
  Ian Greenaway  

17/01/2019 - 3 Ball - 48 Players

1st Lee Wood 35
2nd Keith Doran 35
3rd Alan Ford 34
4th Gerald Bullock 34

10/01/2019 - 4 Ball - 46 Players

1st John Burton 63.875
  Rodney Rigby  
  David Head  
  John Peasgood  
2nd Antonio Castelo 66.875
  Andrew Griffiths  
  Roger Medler  
  Tony Tilly  

03/01/2019 - 3 Ball - 55 Players

1st Alan Dowsett 39
2nd Terence Reeves 37
3rd John Peasgood 36 c/b
4th Ian Shilling 36 c/b

20/12/2018 - 4 Ball - 48 Players

1st John Burton 43
  Alan Ford  
2nd Gerald Bullock 38 c/b
  Maurice Manning  

13/12/2018 - 4 Ball - 58 Players

1st Christopher Dalton 64.875
  John Peasgood  
  Howard Somerville  
  Tony Tilly  
2nd Paul Buchanan 66.125
  Ian Greenaway  
  Jeff Rankin  
  Paul Buchanan  

06/12/2018 - 4 Ball - 38 Players

1st Alan Dowsett 39
  Terence Reeves  
2nd Peter Kennell 38
  Jeff Rankin  

29/11/2018 - 4 Ball - 16 Players

1st Maurice Manning 20
  Paul Rozier  
2nd David Preece 19
  Terence Reeves  

22/11/2018 - 3 Ball - 44 Players

1st Terence Reeves 36
2nd Andy Glass 35
3rd John Morgan 34
4th Howard Somerville 33

15/11/2018 - 3 Ball - 50 Players

1st David Head 112
  Dugald Macpherson  
  John Peasgood  
2nd Antonio Castelo 111
  Vinod Kumar  
  John Morgan  

08/11/2018 - 4 Ball - 52 Players

1st Gary Egleton 62.25
  Andy Glass  
  David Head  
  Paul Rozier  
2nd David Giles 63.0
  Peter Kennell  
  John Peasgood  
  Jeff Rankin  

01/11/2018 - 3 Ball - 42 Players

1st Bill McIntosh 40
2nd Andy Glass 39
3rd Laurie Morse 37 c/b
4th John Peasgood 37 c/b
Interclub Match Results
Won: 4  Lost: 3  Halved: 2

Thursday, 06/06/2019
Match vs Test Valley (Home)
Won 4 - 2

Monday, 03/06/2019
Match vs Chobham (Away)
Lost 3.5 - 2.5

Thursday, 30/05/2019
Match vs Merrist Wood (Home)
Won 6 - 0

Monday, 13/05/2019
Match vs Castle Royle (Away)
Draw 3 - 3

Monday, 29/04/2019
Match vs Merrist Wood (Away)
Draw 3 - 3

Thursday, 25/04/2019
Match vs Chobham (Home)
Won 6 - 0

Tuesday, 16/04/2019
Match vs Test Valley (Away)
Lost 4 - 2

Monday, 08/04/2019
Match vs Sutton Green (Away)
Lost 4 - 2

Thursday, 04/04/2019
Match vs Milford (Home)
Won 4 - 2

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