Richard Snook Nigel Deacon Ian Greenaway Gerald Bullock 
  Bill McIntosh        Chris Dalton Maurice Manning
with Roger Smith
Committee Members:
Chris Dalton Captain
Maurice Manning Treasurer & Parish Notices
Ian Greenaway Past Captain, Handicaps & Website
Gerald Bullock Past Past Captain & Calendar
Bill McIntosh Competitions Secretary
Richard Snook Social Secretary
Nigel Deacon Match Secretary
Roger Smith Secretary & Assistant Match Secretary
Peter Christmas & Paul Buchanon Rollup Assistance
Tim Ockenden & Graham Woodfine Rollup Assistance
Next Highwaymen Committee Meeting
Wednesday 24 October 2018, 10.15am
Highwaymen Committee Meeting Agenda




  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of last meeting, 24th September 2018
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Captain's Report
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. Social Secretary's Report
  7. Match Secretary's Report 
  8. Review Nominations for joining the committee
  9. AGM - Finalise details for the 8th November
  10. AOB
  11. Date of next Meeting